1151. The purpose and scope of the study must be clearly defined before any procedures for _________ can be established:

A. Data analysis
B. Data selection
C. Data tabulation
D. Data collection *

1152. Data collected by the investigator for the first time which is original in character is :

A. Primary data *
B. Statistical data
C. Secondary data
D. None of these

1153. Such data are referred to as: when an investigator uses data that has already been collected by others.

A. Primary data
B. Processed data
C. Secondary data *
D. Collected data

1154. __________ is one which gathered by the specialist himself with the end goal of a particular request or study :

A. Secondary data
B. Statistical data
C. Published data
D. Primary data *

1155. It is preferable to use primary data because it is :

A. More reliable compared to secondary data
B. It has fewer errors than secondary data.
C. Original in character
D. All the above *

1156. Among the following ____________ is not a method of collecting primary data :

A. Direct person interviews
B. Information from correspondents
C. Mailed questionnaire method
D. Official publication *

1157. On account of survey strategy for social occasion information. it should be made certain that the questions have been:

A. Read
B. Answered *
C. Interpreted
D. All of the above

1158. One dimensional diagram is :

A. Line diagram *
B. Cubes
C. Sqaures
D. Rectangle

1159. Bar diagrams are _______ dimensional diagrams :

A. One *
B. Two
C. Three
D. None of these

1160. Surface diagrams use two-dimensional diagrams like:

A. Squares
B. Circles
C. Pie diagrams
D. All of the above *