461. Measure the change in quantity of goods are called ________________?

A. Simple 1. No.
B. Aggregative 1. No.
C. Appropriate
D. Quantity Index Number

462. Nos. is a ____ for measuring changes in a variable or a group of related variables?

A. variable
B. Region of goods
C. Device
D. Cost

463. Index Number is an important role in the field of Economic and ________________?

A. Science
B. Education
C. Intelligence
D. Business

464. Qon means _________ for the given year?

A. Price
B. Commodity
C. Quantity in current
D. Quantity Index

465. Volume Index in Marshall is ____________?

A. ∑Pn(Po + Pn)/∑Pn(Po + Pn)
B. ∑Pn(qo + qn)/∑Pn
C. ∑Pn(Po + Pn)/∑Pn(Po + Pn) x100
D. Non of these

466. In Chain base method, the base period is ________________?

A. Fixed
B. Constant
C. Change
D. None of these

467. An Index Number calculated for more than one items is called ___________?

A. Sensitive Price Index number
B. Consumer Index Number
C. Simple Aggregation 1. Number
D. Chain Indices

468. Ratio between given year and base year is called __________ in percentage?

A. Price relative
B. Link relative
C. Retail prices
D. None of these

469. Weighted Index number can be classified into _________ categories?

A. Four
B. Three
C. Five
D. Two

470. Price in proceeding year used in the method is called __________?

A. Fixed Method
B. Chain Method
C. Aggregation Method
D. Volume