361. For t distribution, increasing the sample size, the affect will be on ?

A. Standard Error of the Means
B. The t-ratio
C. Degrees of Freedom
D. All Above

362. condition for applying Central Limit Theorem (CLT) which approximate the sampling distribution of the mean with a normal distribution is?

A. n > 30
B. N(1 – p) > 5
C. 2 n 5
E. N < 30

363. what is the probability of a type II error when α=0.05 ?

A. 0.025
B. 0.95
C. 0.05
D. Cannot be determined without more information

364. The critical value of a test statistic is determined from_____________?

A. The sampling distribution of the statistics assuming Null Hypothesis
B. calculations based on many actual repetitions of the same Experiment
C. The sampling distribution of the statistic assuming Alternative Hypothesis.
D. Non of these

365. In testing for the difference between two populations, it is possible to use____________?

A. The Wilcoxon Rank-Sum test
B. The Sign test
C. None of the above
D. Either of the above

366. 1 – α is the probability of_____________?

A. Acceptance Region
B. Type-I error
C. Type-II Error
D. Rejection Region

367. Parameter is a _________ quantity?

A. Constant
B. Variable
C. All of above
D. Non of these

368. If we reject the null hypothesis, we might be making____________?

A. Unpredictable
B. A correct Decision
C. Type-II Error
D. Type-Error

369. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is a test for equally of______________?

A. Variances
B. Proportions
C. Only two parameters
D. Means

370. A quantity obtained by applying certain rule or formula is known as ________________?

A. Estimate
B. Test Statistics
C. Estimation
D. Sample
E. Estimator