621. Class mark is the value which divides a class into ________ equal parts?
A. Four
B. One
C. Three
D. Two

622. The lower class boundary of 25-35 will be ______________?
A. 20
B. 25
C. 30
D. 35

623. The graph obtained by joining the mid points of the tops of adjacent rectangles in histogram is called ______________?
A. Frequency polgon
B. Ogive
C. Pie chart
D. Histgram

624. Data which have been arranged in ascending or descending order is called ________ data?
A. Group data
B. Classify
C. Array
D. ungrouped data

625. Class interval size is the different between the upper and lower class_________ of a class?
A. Boundary
B. Limits
C. Marks
D. Class Interval

626. The process of systematic arrangement of data into rows and columns is called _________?
A. Bar chart
B. Classification
C. Tabulation
D. None of these

627. The smallest and the largest value of any given class of a frequency distribution are called ___________?
A. Class marks
B. Class interval
C. Mid point
D. Class limit

628. if we connect the mid point of rectangles in a histogram with a series of lines, we get __________
A. Mid point
B. Interval
C. Frequency curve
D. Frequency Polygon

629. Cumulative frequency is the frequency _________ than the upper class boundary of a class?
A. Distribution
B. Curve
C. Greater
D. Less

630. A graph consists of _________ lines?
A. Parallel Line
B. Smooth curve
C. Curve
D. Straight