831. _______ is quoted as saying that everyone lives by selling something?
A. Bill Gates
B. Robert Louis Stevenson
C. Arthur Miller
D. Henry Ford

832. The type of sales presentation approach that requires good listening and problem-solving skills is the ?
A. canned approach
B. formula appraoch
C. need-satisfaction approach
D. critical-thinking approach

833. successful ________ depends on how well a company blends its people organizational structure decision and reward systems, and company culture into a cohesive program that supports its strategies?
A. marketing strategy
B. marketing control
C. marketing analysis
D. marketing implementation

834. _______ is the general term for a buying and selling process that is supported by electronic means?
A. Internet commerce
B. Web commerce
C. Computer commerce
D. Electronic commerce

835. The Coase theorem states that ?
A. public goods should be produced up to the point where the additional benefit received by society equals the additional cost of producing the good
B. under certain conditions, private parties can arrive at the efficient solution without government involvement
C. the private sector will fail to produce the efficient amount of a public good because of the free-rider problem.
D. if there are external costs in production the government must intervene in the market to assure that the efficient level of output is produced

836. Which of the following information forms available to the marketing manager can usually be accessed more quickly and cheaply than other information sources ?
A. Marketing intelligence
B. Marketing research
C. Customer profiles
D. Internal databases

837. Coginitive dissonance occurs in which stage of the buyer decision process model ?
A. Need recognition
B. Information search
C. Evaluation of alternative
D. Postpurchasebehavior

838. The biggest of greatest amount of involvement in a foreign market comes through which of the following ?
A. Exporting
B. Joint venturing
C. Licensing
D. Direct investment

839. Setting call objectives is done during which of the following stages of the selling process?
A. Prospecting
B. Preapproach
C. Approach
D. Handling objections

840. In determining salesforce size, when a company groups accounts into different size classes and then determines the number of salespeople needed to call on them the desired number of times it is called the ?
A. Key-size approach
B. work-load appraoch
C. product-need appraoch
D. call-service approach