371. Socialization involves the use of which process to turn a “horde of barbarians” into productive human beings ?
A. trial and error
B. reinforcement
C. symbolic and physical interaction
D. prohibition

372. Successful socialization for humans requires_______________?
A. the absence of others
B. genes alone
C. contact with other humans
D. the existence of schools or the media

373. When one knows the roles that one is expected to play and is willing and able to do so one is_____________?
A. successfully socialized
B. brainwashed
C. conditioned
D. a significant other

374. Human infants in order to become successful adults need______________?
A. learning
B. social interaction
C. body contact
D. all of the above

375. Telling a child “You should always say thank you when someone gives you something is an example of____________?
A. conscious socialization
B. unconscious socialization
C. subconscious socialization
D. conscience socialization

376. People who are important in shaping your self-concept and whose approval you wish to have are_____________?
A. significant others
B. generalized others
C. the l and the me
D. the ego and the superego

377. Types of survey data include_______________?
A. naires
B. personal interviews
C. previously gathered statistical information
D. all of the above

378. Our type of society fosters______________?
A. a sense of calm
B. love of all humans
C. anxiety
D. none of the above

379. Children have taken on the role of the generalized other when______________?
A. most of the important norms have been internalized
B. they start school
C. they have learned to speak
D. they are consciously socialized

380. The primary agent of socialization is the______________?
A. peer group
B. school
C. family
D. mass media

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