841. All of the following would be ways to segment within the category of psychographic segmentation EXCEPT ?
A. social class
B. occupation
C. lifestyle
D. personality

842. _________ describes changes in an individual’s behavior arising from experience?
A. Modeling
B. Motivation
C. Perception
D. Learning

843. The internet evolved from a network created by ________ during the 1960s?
A. the Commerce Department
B. the Massachusetts institutes of Technology (MIT)
C. Northwestern University
D. the Defense Department

844. A child in the United States is normally exposed to all of the following values EXCEPT ?
A. achievement ans success
B. activity and involvement
C. material comfort
D. collectivism

845. If injections are less than withdrawals at the full-employment level of national income, there is ?
A. an inflationary gap
B. hysteresis
C. A deflationary gap
D. hyperinflation

846. In Which of the business cycle do firms try to cut stocks in order to save costs ?
A. The upturn
B. The peeking out
C. The expansion
D. The recession

847. Which of the following would be considered a supply-side policy ?
A. An increase in the minimum wage that would cause consumer spending to increase
B. Investment tax credits for businesses to encourage investment
C. Restrictions placed on the amount that can be imported
D. An increased in government spending that would lead to increased aggregate demand

848. According to supply side economists as tax rates are reduced labour supply should increase. This implies that ?
A. There is no income effect when tax rates are changed
B. The income effect of a wage change is greater than the substitution effect of a wage change.
C. There is no substitution effect when tax rates are changed
D. The substitution effect of a wage change is greater than the income effect of a wage change

849. Reaganomics was a radical shift in Policy aimed at direct tackling ?
A. The charities economy
B. The demand side of the country
C. The underground economy
D. the supply side of the economy

850. Privatisation is the transfer out ?
A. Publicly held stock to private individuals
B. corporately owned businesses to individuals
C. government businesses to the private sector
D. Privately owned business to the government sector