221. Switzerland is an example of nation that______________?
A. wishes to absorb other nations
B. plans to enlarge its power over other nations
C. displays no self-interest
D. looks out for its own interests only

222. The decision to send arms to Iran made by the National Security Council during the Reagan presidency was an example of the following type of foreign policy______________?
A. general
B. administrative
C. crisis
D. none it was an internal matter

223. When considering the role of morality in foreign policy analysts observe that_____________?
A. there are no restrictions in reaching agreements with other nations
B. the different nations of the world have the same values when it comes to treaties
C. each nation has different standards as to what is proper behavior and values
D. none of the above

224. Terrorist groups differ from liberation organizations in that_______________?
A. only terrorists take credit for bombing museums
B. they do not organize the masses on a large scale
C. they tend to hide in rural areas
D. their leaders are well known

225. The inordinate growth of government is a side effect of________________?
A. the increasing poverty of individual states
B. government intervention in the economy
C. the political apathy of public
D. the willingness of individuals to give up traditional freedoms

226. Which is/are the policy option(s) to counteract business cycles ?
A. Shift the demand curve
B. Shift the supply curve
C. Do noting
D. All of the above

227. The argument that in some situations the government had to “prime the pump” was advanced by________________?
A. Karl Marx
B. Adam Smith
C. John Maynard Keynes
D. Milton Friedman

228. Supply-side theories claim that__________________?
A. business cycles are caused by insufficient supply
B. a decline in aggregate supply is responsible for economic downturns
C. an increase in aggregate supply causes output and employment to decline
D. none of the above

229. Both fiscal and monetary policies focus on____________________?
A. the supply side of the market
B. the demand side of the market
C. both sides of the market
D. the global market

230. Symbolic analysts are_______________?
A. people employed in new enterprises
B. employees capable of manipulating data words and visual images
C. psychologists with advanced degrees
D. only A and B