561. Which is an example of a pivotal social institution ?
A. A rock bands
B. The economy
C. A jail
D. A symphony orchestra

562. Cultural universals include ?
A. personal adornment
B. music
C. food taboos
D. all of the above

563. A counterculture ?
A. emphasizes math
B. is based in stores
C. opposes values of the mainstream culture
D. none of the above

564. The principal difference between people and other animals is that ?
A. animals larger and stronger
B. people communicate with symbols while animals communicate with signals
C. biology dictates human behavior while instincts direct animal behavior
D. people live in families while animals live in tribes

565. The double standard in the behavior of people in society is acknowledged by the existence of a(n)?
A. overt and covert culture
B. moral and immoral culture
C. legal and illegal culture
D. ethical and unethical culture

566. The development of modern culture is CHIEFLY dependent upon ?
A. bifocalism
B. upright posture
C. grasping ability of the hand
D. complex symbolic communication

567. The most important category of norms for maintaining social order are ?
A. folkways
B. mores
C. customs
D. traditions

568. Which of the following is an example of a culture complex ?
A. a football
B. goal posts
C. team uniforms
D. playing football

569. Cultural relativity ideally implies ?
A. that moral values different from one, s own are all wrong
B. everyone’s crazy except you and me (and I’m not sure about you)
C. mindless acceptance of all cultural values of others
D. tolerance and respect for the cultural values of others

570. Biological factors which make the development of culture possible include ?
A. vision in depth
B. opposable thumb
C. erect walking posture
D. all of the above