181. Criticisms of structural functionalism include_______________?
A. who says that a football player is more important than a college professor?
B. sons of talented persons are privileged even if they themselves lack talent
C. is a stable society better than an unequal society?
D. all of the above

182. Which of the following is a criticism of Marxist theory ?
A. inequality is a motivating force for people to rise in the stratification system
B. Everyone is talented equally
C. Marxism tries to explain all social problems
D. Democracy delivers equality better than Marxism does

183. A modern definition of class maintains that social class is constituted by____________?
A. the owners of the means of production
B. persons who have similar forms of power prestige or wealth
C. categories of people set up by governments
D. people especially endowed by nature

184. The following people enjoy both status and wealth in our society______________?
A. professors
B. physicians
C. ministers
D. research scientists

185. Which is characteristic of a strictly closed society ?
A. Estate
B. Class
C. Caste
D. Strata

186. Which society lacks social classes totally ?
A. The Soviet Union
B. China
C. The United States
D. none of the above

187. The modern approach to studying social classes based on several dimensions of the stratification system is the______________?

188. The most likely factor to overcome the low status of a father’s occupation is______________?
A. education
B. religion
C. hard work
D. belonging to organized crime

189. Rates of poverty tend to be highest among_______________?
A. Female headed households
B. children
C. minorities
D. all of the above

190. What forces prices down ?
A. Large consumer purchasing power
B. Elastic demand
C. Inelastic demand
D. Inferior products

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