251. Income received by households that is not returned to firms is called_______________?
A. dissaving’s
B. withdrawals
C. incremental
D. injections

252. Need and demand________________?
A. are unrelated concepts
B. amount to the same thing
C. are closely related to price
D. are closely related to supply

253. The Department of Health and Human Services has summarized the “correct” mix of goods and services through ?
A. “market basket of goods
B. the consumer price index
C. 165 social indicators
D. the externalities index

254. Without stabilized prices_______________?
A. product market demand is problematic
B. resource market demand is problematic
C. the distribution of income becomes more inequitable
D. all of the above

255. One of the side effects of advertising is that it________________?
A. supplies the real needs of people
B. creates artificial demands
C. helps the wealthy get richer
D. none of the above

256. Royal Dutch Shell Oil Co has branches in Holland Britain the United States and France This kind of corporation is called__________________?
A. closed
B. multinational
C. restricted
D. monopolistic

257. Unions face WHICH of the following problems ?
A. Antitrust laws
B. Increasing white-collar membership
C. Expansion of the manufacturing sector
D. Loss of membership

258. Land labor capital and entrepreneurship ?
A. must be combined in the production of goods and service
B. must be used separately to produce goods and service
C. have no function in the production of goods and service
D. create a balance between humans and their environment

259. Resources are defined as______________?
A. everything needed for the production of goods and services including human energy
B. everything found in the ground
C. everything that is made by people
D. none of the above

260. A corporation________________?
A. is a public institution
B. has the advantage of being able to accumulate vast amounts of capital in a short period of time
C. can afford to pay for the latest research and technology
D. all of the above

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