481. Political science stresses the study of_______________?
A. government
B. state
C. power
D. all of the above

482. The study of human group behavior is the definition of________________?
A. psychology
B. geology
C. sociology
D. none of the above

483. A theory is a______________?
A. scientific law
B. set of concepts and generalization
C. speculation about truth and beauty
D. hunch regarding reality

484. Scientific research relates to________________?
A. controlled inquiry
B. relationships among variables
C. consideration of independent and dependent variables
D. all of the above

485. An intensive study of an individual or a small group is made by using the following research method ?
A. case study
B. cross sectional sample
C. longitudinal sample
D. experiment

486. Which of the following groups determine market transactions ?
A. Households firms and central authorities
B. Producers distributors consumers
C. The executive legislative and judicial departments
D. none of the above

487. The mechanism of the market system provides for________________?
A. the content and flow of goods and services to take place without any fixed plan
B. buyers and sellers not needing to know how the market works in order to act in it
C. the economy to function so that all participants derive some satisfaction
D. all of the above

488. Open stratification systems are associated with__________________?
A. industrialization
B. agriculture
C. pastoralism
D. hunter-gatherers

489. Among the factors that favor individual mobility are_________________?
A. late marriage
B. rural residence
C. one of many children
D. none of the above

490. The objective approach to determine social class membership is based on________________?
A. income
B. years of education
C. prestigious position
D. all of the above