1001. Economic growth occurs because ?
A. labor forces increase
B. capital stocks increase
C. new inventions increase productivity
D. All of the above

1002. A widely used indicator to differentiate developed countries from developing countries is ?
A. international trade per capita
B. real income per capital
C. unemployment per capita
D. calories per capita

1003. To be considered a a good candidate for an export cartel, a commodity should ?
A. be a manufactured goods
B. be a primary product
C. have high price elasticity of supply
D. have a low price elasticity of demand

1004. The World Trade Organization is sometimes criticized for all of the following reasons except?
A. it reduces the sovereignty of member countries
B. favors free trade over the quality of the environment
C. it has no way to solve trade disputes among member countries
D. it is a puppet of multinational corporations

1005. Those who argue in favor of import protection generally give the impression that such restricted trade will?
A. decrease the level of national security
B. provide benefits to some particular industry
C. provide benefits to the entire nation
D. not yield welfare losses for the nation


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