391. Social life is organized and structured through____________?
A. rules and regulations
B. group situations and the positions of individuals
C. patterns of actions
D. all of the above

392. Another way of saying that position in a group are value-rated by group members is_______________?
A. statuses are ascribed
B. authority is hierarchical
C. statuses are ranked
D. roles are scripted

393. Societies in which ascribed statuses have been prevalent include______________?
A. estate systems in feudal Europe
B. industrial societies like the United States
C. occupationally-based caste systems as in pre-modern India
D. A and C only

394. An example of a category would be_____________?
A. the N.A.A.C.P
B. the N.R.A
C. sharpshooters at a pistol range
D. all the redheads currently imprisoned in the U.S

395. Primary group are basic to the development of____________________?
A. politics
B. law
C. personality
D. social change

396. A persons family in addition to being a primary group is also a______________?
A. voluntary group
B. reference group
C. membership
D. Gesellschaft

397. Bureaucracy and extensive social differentiation initially occur in the historical transition from_____________?
A. hunting and gathering to pastoral society
B. pastoral to horticultural society
C. horticultural to agricultural society
D. agricultural to industrial society

398. Daniel Bell has called the newly emerging from of society ?
A. technological
B. informational
C. post-subsistence
D. postindustrial

399. Four primary social processes are________________?
A. differentiation stratification conflict and coercion
B. accommodation assimilation conflict and coercion
C. exchange reciprocity competition and conflict
D. conflict exchange cooperation and competition

400. One British psychologist believes that the Western family causes most of the mental illness in individuals This theory implies that ___________?
A. the primary group is always helpful to the individual
B. primary group relations can be harmful to the individual
C. secondary relations are more important than primary ones
D. none of the above are relevant