471. All but WHICH of the following characteristics of humans led to the development of science ?
A. Blushing
B. Curiosity
C. Fascination With the self
D. The use of reason

472. The first step in the scientific method is____________?
A. obtaining a government grant
B. classification and organization of data
C. selection of area to be researched
D. observation and recording of data

473. The scientific method in the social sciences ?
A. is as effective as in the natural sciences
B. is hampered by difficulties in attaining objectivity
C. has led to great discoveries in the human knowledge of the physical universe
D. has been found to be totally useless

474. Intuition authority tradition and common sense ?
A. have been totally replaced the scientific method
B. are all equally valid tools of inquiry
C. are still used as tools of inquiry
D. are just as exact as the scientific method

475. The hypothesis is a statement of_____________?
A. a universal truth
B. the scientist’s conclusions
C. a tentative statement of a topic that is subject to testing
D. disagreement with a generally accepted theory

476. The social sciences were initially concerned with the consequences of_______________?
A. the American Revolution
B. the French Revolution
C. the Russian Revolution
D. the Industrial Revolution

477. The social sciences have_____________?
A. more control over data than physics
B. complete objectivity
C. problems with studying people in laboratories
D. been accepted as equally valid as the physical sciences

478. During the Enlightenment of the 18th century_______________?
A. scholars emphasized the supernatural
B. scholars denied the possibility of a scientific study of humans
C. a number of scholars believed human social life could be studied scientifically
D. none of the above

479. Anthropology is restricted to the study of_______________?
A. primitive people only
B. prehistoric people only
C. modern peoples only
D. none of the above

480. The social science that deals with human use of the natural environment is______________?
A. genetics
B. geography
C. chemistry
D. physiology

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