1181. Paschal index number if based on :

A. Normal of current and base year *
B. Current year quantity
C. Base year quantity
D. None of these

1182. Dumpling at international discriminating :

A. Monopoly *
B. Oligopoly
C. Duopoly
D. None of these

1183. The individual demand curve is also known as :

A. Planned products curve
B. Planned material curve
C. Planned cost curve
D. Planned sales curve *

1184. In sweezy model , the role of MC curve :

A. Can be ignored
B. Can not be ignored *
C. Can not partially be ignored
D. None of these

1185. In Nash equilibirium a player :

A. Deviates from his strategy
B. Does not deviate from his strategy *
C. Does nothing in a good way
D. None of these

1186. In monoposony as the price of labor increases the marginal expenses on labor:

A. Also increase *
B. Remain constant
C. Decreases
D. Are very high

1187. In Bilateral monopoly, the solution is :

A. Determinate *
B. Dominant
C. Indeterminate
D. Specific

1188. The general equilibrium in production is furnish with pareto’s optimality in :

A. Consumption
B. Substitution
C. Production
D. Collision *

1189. Statistic is calculated from :

A. Sample *
B. Population
C. Constant
D. None of these

1190. The power where by knowledge , skill, health and behavior of population is upgrated is called :

A. Human resources development *
B. State resources development
C. Animal resources development
D. None of these