151. By Which scale the value of all economic activity produced by a nation during a given period is measured ?
A. Gross Domestic Product (GOP)
B. Gross National output (GNO)
C. Gross National Product (GNP)
D. Gross National output

152. Mention the name for that urban and rural region which is closely associated economically with an adjoining town or city. Term is also used to describe the area that is serviced by a port or coastal settlement ?
A. Hinterland
B. Country land
C. Dependent land
D. Parasite land

153. Indemnity is_______________?
A. Security against damages loss, or injury
B. A legal exemption from liability for damages
C. Compensation for damages loss, or injury suffered
D. All of these

154. What is referred by interest ?
A. Payment made for the use of another person’s money
B. payment made for the use of bank’s money
C. Share in profit
D. Devaluation in the currency

155. How is termed the economic theories or Maynard Keynes especially those which advocate government monetary and fiscal and stimulate business activity ?
A. Market Economy
B. Harvard Group
C. Keynesian
D. London Group

156. Which economics doctrine opposes government regulation or interference in commerce beyond the minimum necessary for a free enterprise system to operate according to its own economics laws and non-interference in affairs of others ?
A. Free market economy
B. Laissez faire also Laisser faire
C. Open market economy
D. Liberal market economy

157. Termed the written statement which expresses the intention of undersigned to enter into a formal agreement ?
A. Letter of intent
B. Letter of Credit
C. Letter of Expression
D. Papers of Landing

158. LIFO (last in, first out) means ?
A. to make queue
B. items are removed in inverse order
C. turn by turn
D. make space for new production

159. Name the company in which the liability of the shareholders is limited to the amount of their shares ?
A. Limited company
B. Incorporation
C. Cooperative
D. Corporation

160. The term Mark-up refers to________________?
A. Rise in the price of an item for sale
B. An amount added to cost price in calculating selling price
C. Both of them
D. All of them