571. Which of the following is NOT an example of a subject investigated by social scientists ?
A. The functioning of supply and demand
B. Case study of an urban gay community
C. The interaction of various drugs in humans
D. The course of population growth and decline

572. When gathering data, the scientist is required to exhibit all BUT which one of the following traits ?
A. Courage
B. Patience
C. Ethical neutrality
D. Social involvement

573. The social sciences have no laws because ?
A. social scientists are a lawless group
B. social science research techniques are flawed
C. the various disciplines squabble among themselves
D. none of the above

574. The social sciences first emerged ?
A. as a method of social control
B. as a search for universal social laws
C. to systematically apply common sense to issues
D. to defend the established order

575. Variables that exercise influence on other variables are called ?
A. independent variables
B. constants
C. dependent variables
D. none of the above

576. Correlation differs from causation in that correlation ?
A. precedes causation
B. only indicates a probable relation
C. occurs purely by chance
D. occurs among more than two variables

577. Every hypothesis must ?
A. predict a relationship between two factors
B. be general
C. be based on scientific theory
D. predict a causal relationship

578. The study of traits that appear in specific population as adaptation to specific environments is called ?
A. physical anthropology
B. cultural anthropology
C. demography
D. psychology

579. The social sciences lack ?
A. theories
B. concepts
C. scientific laws
D. generalization

580. An anthropologist living with a group of people and engaging in some of their rituals is using the following research method ?
A. sample survey
B. participant observation
C. statistical survey
D. experiment