451. Systems of beliefs and behavior designed to meet basic human needs are called ?
A. the welfare system
B. religions
C. government
D. institutions

452. The most important differences among humans are based on ______________ ?
A. biology
B. species separation
C. culture
D. physical aspect

453. Culture is based on______________?
A. instinct
B. simple learning only
C. learning thorough symbols
D. genetic heredity

454. Sapir and Whorf believe that______________?
A. the structure of a language shapes a people view of the world
B. language has no part in mental attitudes
C. languages are limited to the number of words for any given object
D. preverbal communication is more important than verbal

455. Material culture________________?
A. has no relation to symbols?
B. illustrates the evolution of tools and includes all objects made by humans
C. is of limited importance to humans
D. none of the above

456. Love of money peace and God are American ?
A. Norms
B. folkways
C. values
D. mores

457. In the United States an example of a taboo is_______________?
A. making money
B. marrying sister
C. gambling
D. climbing Mt Rushmore

458. The opposite of a variable is a______________?
A. law
B. concept
C. value
D. constant

459. The scientists skepticism extends to________________?
A. the value of scientific objectivity
B. his or her own credentials
C. his or her own findings
D. the usefulness of scientific inquiry

460. A trained observer_________________?
A. knows what to expect
B. knows which data are relevant to the research problem
C. records everything that he or she sees
D. is most a home in experimental settings?