401. To a person who belongs to it beer can collectors, club is a(n) ?
A. reference group
B. membership group
C. voluntary group
D. all of the above

402. Industrial societies are based on____________?
A. kinship
B. primary ties
C. machines for production
D. smokestacks

403. The microelements of societies are made up of_____________?
A. processes of social interaction
B. diseases that harm societies
C. problems of cement roads
D. none of the above

404. The human social process most important for social interaction is_______________?
A. conflict
B. competition
C. cooperation
D. none of the above

405. Symbolic interaction ?
A. excludes written language
B. is entirely nonverbal
C. includes gestures speech and music
D. none of the above

406. Social organization________________?
A. may be analyzed at the microsocial and the macrosocial levels
B. is a fixed set of rules?
C. is sometimes used interchangeably with social structure
D. is microsocial macrosocial and interchangeable with social structure

407. The earliest and least complex society was___________?
A. agrarian
B. pastoral
C. hunting and gathering
D. horticultural

408. Utilitarian organizations include_____________?
A. the military prisons and mental hospitals
B. businesses and industries of all types
C. professional and religious organizations
D. all of the above

409. Critiques of bureaucratic forms of business administration argue that_____________?
A. explicit standards of quality control must be imposed by management
B. employees are given too much discretion
C. small organization inevitably become bureaucracies
D. vertical hierarchies of power are too sluggish

410. Which of the following is a group ?
A. commuters riding a train
B. spectators watching the construction of a building
C. lines of people at a supermarket checkout counter
D. softball players performing in a playoff tournament