621. The highest population growth rate in the world is ?
A. Pakistan
B. Bangladesh
C. India
D. SriLanka

622. Which soil is best suited for deep rooted crops ?
A. Red Soil
B. Black soil
C. Literate soil
D. None of these

623. Which of the following is a kharif crop ?
A. Wheat
B. Rice
C. Gram
D. None of these

624. Coffee requires hot and moist climate and grows best on slopes which of the following countries is leading in coffee production ?
A. Indonesia
B. India
C. Brazil
D. None of these

625. Higher summer temperature stiff soil capable of supporting heavy weight of plant is essential for ?
A. Rubber
B. Jute
C. Rice
D. None of these

626. Copper may be found native that is in its pure state but is more often found in chemical combinations with ?
A. Iron, gold and silver
B. Gold, silver and lead
C. Iron, lead and sulphur
D. All of the above minerals

627. The leading producer of silver is ?
B. Russia
C. Mexico
D. South Africa

628. India is the world’s largest producer of ?
A. Iron ore
B. Coal
C. Mica
D. Copper

629. With which of the following items is Kimberley associated ?
A. Diamonds
B. Silver
C. Perfumes
D. Cereals

630. What is the currency of Western Sahara ?
A. Dollar
B. Dirham
C. Peso
D. Pound