501. Marx,s view of social class is that______________?
A. private ownership of the means of production perpetuates class divisions
B. talented people will always rise to the top
C. religion helps fight social inequality
D. the bourgeoisie will eventually triumph

502. Max Weber believed that_______________?
A. property was the only determinant of class
B. class was based on exploitation of the masses
C. class is closely related to life chances
D. societies should have at least three classes

503. Martin Luther king,s status was based on his_____________?
A. wealth
B. property
C. social influence
D. color

504. Criminologists Cloward and Ohlin Classified delinquent gangs into which of the following categories ?
A. Ritualistic territorial rebel
B. Realist drug and alcohol territorial
C. Conflict subcultural criminal
D. Criminal realist conflict

505. Drug addiction has been characterized as a victimless crime meaning ?
A. drug addiction is a sustainable life style
B. drug users are not responsible for their actions
C. addicts choose to be addicted and hurt no one but themselves
D. society does care what happens to addicts

506. Deviance that has not been discovered is called ?
A. secondary deviance
B. final deviance
C. primary deviance
D. sinful deviance

507. Which of the following is an index crime ?
A. being in a football pool
B. speeding
C. robbery
D. all of the above

508. Which of the following acts does NOT constitute a crime if committed by an adult ?
A. illegal drug use
B. Copyright infringement
C. Prostitution
D. Truancy

509. When President Kennedy told the Soviet leader to withdraw Russian missiles in Cuba it was an illustration of one of the following types of foreign policy ?
A. administrative
B. crisis
C. general
D. threatening

510. The Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan and NATO are characteristic of which period ?
A. isolationism
B. interventionism
C. containment
D. internationalism

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