211. The failure of the League of Nation______________?
A. occurred after President Wilson,s stroke
B. was due to the Republican Senate,s opposition
C. illustrated that national interest is more important than collective security or moral opposition to aggression
D. was due to Marxism-Leninism

212. Armenia Georgia and Azerbaijan are_____________________?
A. Baltic nations
B. Slavic nations
C. Asian nations
D. African nations

213. The three most important nations in Asia are_______________?
A. Singapore South Korea and Malaysia
B. Hong Kong Macao Bali
C. Japan India China
D. Taiwan Indonesia Tibet

214. Which is NOT Third World nation ?
A. Burkina Faso
B. China
C. Zimbabwe
D. Ethiopia

215. Approximately how many people inhabit the earth ?
A. 50 billion
B. 6 billion
C. 12 billion
D. 1.2 billion

216. What percentage of the earth’s people live in high-income areas ?
A. 50%
B. 15%
C. 45%
D. 3%

217. Deviance that has been exposed leads to______________?
A. anomie
B. labeling
C. transmission
D. forgiveness

218. Deviance that is covered by the laws of a society is called______________?
A. anomie
B. alienation
C. crime
D. differentiation

219. When cars are offered at low prices but people still do not buy them the situation is one in which______________?
A. demand is elastic
B. demand is inelastic
C. there is aggregate demand
D. exchange takes place

220. Which perspective assumes that actors other than states are also important and s whether states are unitary actors ?
A. Realism
B. Globalism
C. Pluralism
D. Idealism