361. Deviance is defined______________?
A. in the same way everywhere
B. in some cultures, as nonexistent
C. in the context of time and place
D. as another world for crime

362. The biological explanations of deviance include____________?
A. Lombroso,s criminal types
B. Sheldon,s mesomorphs
C. the extra Y chromosome
D. all of the above

363. The mass media especially TV have been_______________?
A. definitely proven to increase the crime rate
B. definitely proven to improve school learning
C. providing realistic view of the world
D. none of the above

364. The Superego of Freud,s theory is similar to Mead,s ?
A. l
B. me
C. generalized other
D. libido

365. Gestalt psychology looks at__________________?
A. separate items of personality
B. behavior as whole
C. instincts
D. physical appearance

366. Which is NOT an aim of the process of socialization ?
A. To teach infants to sit stand walk and run in that order
B. To teach infants the fundamentals of life in society
C. To instill societal aspirations
D. To transmit skills important in the society

367. Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers are associated with the following theories of personality.
A. development
B. stressing self-concept and self-actualization
C. psychoanalytic
D. environmental determinism

368. When the lk of Uganda lost their traditional hunting grounds they ?
A. rapidly became shepherds
B. their formerly outgoing personalities changed
C. became savage warriors
D. became outgoing accomplished entrepreneurs

369. Personality may be seen as a circular system in that____________?
A. every adult experience cycle back to childhood
B. personality affects roles and vice-versa
C. all feelings revolve around the self
D. all experience is based on preconceptions

370. Absence of body contact and stimulation in infants inhibits_______________?
A. instinctual development
B. development of higher learning functions
C. biological drives
D. aggressive behavior