681. Cocoa is a tropical plant and requires heat and moisture. Which of the following countries is leading in cocoa productions in the World ?
A. Brazil
B. Nigeria
C. Ghana
D. Ivory Coast

682. Which country has the largest area in the world ?
A. Canada
B. China
C. India
D. Russia

683. Which one of the following countries is the largest oil consumer of the world ?
A. Russia
B. China
D. india

684. Name the country which has the largest natural gas reserves in the world ?
A. India
B. Canada
C. Italy
D. Russia

685. Which state is in the US produces the most blueberries ?
A. New York
B. Alabama
C. Texas
D. New Jersey

686. Which tropical fruit is Latin named musa ?
A. coconut
B. Passion fruit
C. cassava
D. banana

687. Champignons are what type of food ?
A. Meat
B. Fish
C. Mushrooms
D. Fruits

688. Which is the largest cotton producing country in the world ?
A. India
B. Egypt
C. China

689. Which factor contributes most to the recurring food shortages in Africa ?
A. Poor distribution of agricultural products
B. extensive river systems
C. location between two major oceans
D. rainforest environment

690. Singapore and Hong Kong have become major economic powers by taking advantage of their ?
A. abundant mineral resources
B. imported cheap labor from Japan
C. Profits from agricultural surpluses
D. favorable location on international trade routes