671. The biggest producer of Uranium in the world is ?
A. France
B. Canada
D. Zaire

672. What is the currency of Montserrat Antilles ?
A. Franc
B. Pound
C. Peso
D. Italy

673. Which country is the largest oil producer in the world ?
A. Kuwait
C. Russia
D. Saudi Arabia

674. Which of the following types of coal represents the first stage of formation of coal ?
A. Anthracite
B. Bituminous
C. Lignite
D. Peat

675. Which of the following iron has got the highest carbon content ?
A. Mild Steel
B. Stainless Steel
C. Wrought Iron
D. Cast Iron

676. Economic development in Japan after World War II and in Communist China since the 1980s in similar in that both nations have sought to ?
A. end foreign investment
B. develop their vast natural resources to achieve economic growth
C. utilize the concepts of capitalism to improve their economies
D. nationalize most major industries and restrict competition

677. Which statement best explains China’s economic shift towards capitalism in the 1980s and early 1990s ?
A. China’s economic policies were directly influenced by the success of the Soviet economic System
B. The Tiananmen Square massacre resulted in Major economic reforms in China
C. The success of the Cultural Revolution resulted in the increased westernization of china
D. communist economic policies were not meeting the needs of the society

678. Which statement best describes how a command economy functioned in the Soviet Union ?
A. The laws of supply and demand controlled the economy
B. Trade policies mandated that imports exceed exports
C. The success of the agricultural sector controlled the price of manufactured goods
D. A central authority determined the type and quantity of goods to be produced

679. The economic policy of mercantilism first developed during the ?
A. Age of Exploration
B. Enlightenment
C. Cold War
D. Green Revolution

680. Which of the following practices of cultivation can be referred to as crop rotation ?
A. Different crops in different seasons
B. Different crops in the same season
C. The same crop in different seasons
D. None of the above