551. A working wife and mother is likely to encounter ?
A. no role involvement
B. role happiness
C. role strain
D. the best of both roles

552. For a young guitar player a rock band seen on TV would represent a (n) ?
A. reference group
B. membership group
C. involuntary group
D. all of the above

553. When interaction is guided by shared and patterned expectations of behavior the social system has acquired a(n) ?
A. social process
B. social structure
C. social stability
D. social value system

554. Which is an ascribed status ?
A. Black female
B. President of the U.S
C. Exotic dancer
D. Thief

555. Which of the following would fit Charles Horton Cooley’s classification of a primary group ?
A. Redheads
B. Tourists visiting a resort
C. A married couple
D. A sales clerk and a customer

556. Social control through the enforcement of norms works because ?
A. everyone fears pain and embarrassment
B. individuals are anxious to be accepted
C. people need to be manipulated
D. independent though and action are too hard

557. The family is the prime example of a(n) ?
A. Gesellschaft
B. secondary group
C. voluntary group
D. primary group

558. When does a society need laws ?
A. when people commit too many sins
B. when the court system declares that they are needed
C. when the folkways and mores are not sufficient to control behavior
D. when it is necessary to create folkways and mores

559. Which of the following is an example of material culture ?
A. A football games
B. The football itself
C. The NFL rules
D. “competition is good for you”

560. Knowing the workings of a car engine represents which kind of knowledge ?
A. normative
B. cognitive
C. rule oriented
D. value oriented