1131. Research simply means a search for :

A. Problems
B. Facts *
C. Results
D. Topics

1132. Research may be made through either arbitrary method or :

A. Rational method
B. Scientific method *
C. Imagination method
D. Vague method

1133. Who define research is an organized enquiry ?

A. Kerlinger
B. Emory *
C. Morry
D. Redman

1134. Who defined research is a systematic development of logically related prepositions ?

A. Black and Champion *
B. Comte
C. Weber
D. Mory

1135. Research adopted by :

A. Scientific method *
B. Political method
C. Individual method
D. Public method

1136. Research is based on empirical evidences and :

A. Scientific experience
B. Political experience
C. Rational experience
D. Observable experience *

1137. Who defined research is systematic, controlled, empirical and critical investigation ?

A. Spencer
B. Weber
C. Research *
D. Survey

1138. Which method develop theories ?

A. Observation
B. Case study
C. Research *
D. Survey

1139. An essential criterion of scientific study is :

A. Belief
B. Value
C. Objectivity *
D. Subjectivity

1140. “Reasoning from general to particular ” is called :

A. Induction
B. Deduction *
C. Observation
D. Experience