521. The factors influencing the political behavior of American voters include ?
A. mass media
B. socialization
C. social class
D. all of the above

522. Which of the following programs are particularly dependent upon state resources ?
A. Corporate growth
B. The Social Security system
C. Public education
D. Public housing

523. What models did the frames of the Constitution use for the office of the presidency ?
A. The European monarchs
B. Middle Eastern dynasties
C. American Indian chiefdoms
D. None

524. Smith wrote that private ownership of the means of production would ?
A. create abuse
B. stimulate government control
C. stimulate economic growth as each individual tried to maximize profits
D. stifle economic growth as the markets would be flooded with merchandise

525. The system of distributing political power between a central national government and the governments of the geographical regions of the nation is called ?
A. confederacy
B. federalism
C. centralism
D. Unitarianism

526. Which is NOT a restraint imposed on the United States government ?
A. Presidential supremacy
B. Federalism
C. Separation of powers
D. Checks and balances

527. When did the United States government begin to function as a cohesive unit ?
A. At the signing of the Declaration of Independence
B. After the Constitutional Convention of 1788
C. At the Inauguration of George Washington in 1789
D. Both B and C

528. Fascism first emerged ?
A. in Germany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler
B. in Italy under the leadership of Benito Mussolini
C. in Argentina under Juan Peron
D. In South Africa under apartheid

529. The concept of human inequality ?
A. is tolerated by religious ideologies
B. is incorporated in the ideology of democracy
C. underlies fascism
D. has been borrowed from the natural sciences

530. The history of the world according to Marx could be interpreted through ?
A. idealism
B. dialectic materialism
C. an absence of materialism
D. a cyclical theory