191. Two nations with a low street -crime rate are________________?
A. Honduras ans Mexico
B. Japan and Finland
C. Switzerland and France
D. Germany and Austria

192. Crimes that are tolerated more than others because they seldom include violence include_______________?
A. copyright infringement
B. data rape
C. price fixing
D. all but B

193. The rationalization for having capital punishment is that_______________?
A. it prevents capital crime
B. it acts as a deterrent
C. societies need to threaten prospective criminals
D. it protects the Biblical commandment against killing

194. The greatest problem with capital punishment is that________________?
A. many witnesses lie
B. it is a cruel way to end someone’s life
C. sometimes an innocent person is put to death
D. only God has the right to kill

195. According to Karl Marx_______________?
A. classes are the result of different life styles
B. status is also a phenomenon of stratification
C. classes are determined by the relationship of a group in society to the means of production
D. classes are composed of the have-nots who eventually revolt against the haves

196. Negative life chances correspond to__________________?
A. a high position in the stratification system
B. a low position in the stratification system
C. lack of talent
D. lack of desire for an education

197. If a janitor got a job as a security guard because it was closer to home he would be experiencing_______________?
A. horizontal mobility
B. vertical mobility
C. intragenerational mobility
D. inter structural mobility

198. In stratified societies categories of people are ranked by________________?
A. food is hoarded by a few
B. food is shared by all
C. hunting lacks prestige
D. none of the above

199. Stratification occurs societies that have a____________?
A. surplus
B. shortage of everything
C. equality
D. capitalistic system

200. The classical conservative approach to stratification is that____________?
A. inequality is the law of nature
B. stratification must be legislated
C. inequality results from exploitation
D. none of the above

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