1161. The LM curve will be steeper if the value of K is :

A. Lower
B. Greater *
C. Zero
D. Very low

1162. In IS-LM frame work when private investment increases the rate of interest will increase along with :

A. Increases in level of income *
B. Decreases in level income
C. No change in level of income
D. None of these

1163. The world investment report ” WIR” is published by which of the following bodies ?

C. International development Agency IDA
D. United nations conference Trand and development (UNCTAD) *

1164. Tax GDP ratio in pakistan is :

A. Very high *
B. Normal
C. Very low
D. None of these

1165. The major causes of increase in debts burden and debt servicing are :

A. Increase in foreign loan and their interest charges *
B. Decreases in foreign loan and their interest charges
C. Both of them
D. None of them

1166. The foreign assistance for unproductive fields will promote :

A. Unemployment
B. Inflation *
C. Employment
D. Prosperity

1167. The fame theory takes into consideration :

A. Reaction of rival firm *
B. Reaction of people
C. No reaction of rival firm
D. None of these

1168. A variable whose value is determined within an economic theory is :

A. Exogenous
B. Independent
C. Deterministic
D. Endogenous *

1169. The economic development is measured on the basis of :

A. Increase in nominal GNP
B. Increase in real GNP *
C. Increase personal income
D. Increase in Government revenue

1170. THe power of the bank to create credit is effected by :

A. The cash reserve requirement
B. The amount of cash available
C. A bank’s number of branches
D. A and B of above *