531. The democratic state is based on the social contract theories of Locke and Rousseau These theories maintain that ?
A. people must obey the rulers at all times
B. the rulers govern at the direction of God
C. the people allow themselves to be governed for their own good
D. a society cannot exist without authoritarian rulers

532. The difference in the three most prevalent economic systems lies in how ?
A. the people respect the government
B. much the government interferes in the economy
C. profits are made
D. easy it is become rich

533. According to the labeling theory which of the following concepts explains why a labeled individual becomes deviant ?
A. Resocialization
B. Ethnocentrism
C. Self-fulfilling prophecy
D. Rebellion

534. From a sociological viewpoint to say that deviance has functions means that ?
A. deviant acts serve the individual,s purpose
B. deviant acts are escape valves for anxiety
C. deviance may contribute to group cohesion
D. successful deviants become stronger people

535. When a new nation is formed ?
A. older tribal loyalties must be abandoned
B. a “we are feeling must emerge among people
C. people must acknowledge a common history and a sense of a common future
D. all of these

536. A number of social commentator’s fear that having become a nation of hyphenated Americans ?
A. we may begin to our national identity
B. the United States will be divided into a number of smaller nations
C. we must keep out all new immigrants
D. we will not defend the nation from invasion

537. The newest challenge to the family,s formerly exclusive claim to the socialization of its children has come from ?
A. the peer groups
B. the mass media
C. the day-care center
D. child psychotherapy

538. According to the text the following people were/are deviant ?
A. Joan of Arc
B. Mozart
C. The Hell,s Angels
D. People with high IQs

539. An emotional disorder that still allows one to work in society is called a(n) ?
A. neurosis
B. psychosis
C. halitosis
D. prognosis

540. Merton attributed deviance to “anomie” meaning ?
A. lack of legitimate means to attain group goals
B. mental retardation
C. neurosis
D. wild mood swings

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