141. Endorsement means anything written upon the back of the document What does means by Endorse ?
A. To verify signature
B. To verify the person holding cheque
C. To sign one’s name upon the back of cheque
D. To sign one’s name upon the front of cheque

142. There is method by which one currency is bought, sold or valued in terms of other currencies, gold or accounting units such as the Special Drawing Right of IMF. What is it called ?
A. Currency exchange
B. Currency value
C. Currency value
D. Exchange rate

143. What is called a country’s total financial obligations to the rest of the world ?
A. Total dept
B. Debt burden
C. National liabilities
D. External debt

144. Name the method of inventory accounting in which the oldest remaining items are assumed to have been first sold ?
A. FIFO (first in first out)
B. LAFO (last in first out)
C. First come First serve
D. None of these

145. What is called the minimum price of a commodity that is fixed by government in order to save the interests of producer of raw materials ?
A. Floor price
B. Fixed price
C. Bid price
D. Basic price

146. An act of altering of a written or printed document with intentions of deceiving anyone is called________?
A. Fraud
B. Cheating
C. Forgery
D. Fraudulent

147. What does mean by Franchise__________________?
A. A privilege or right officially granted by a person or group by a government
B. Authorization granted to someone to sell or distribute a company’s goods or service in certain area
C. Territory or limits within which immunity, privilege or right may be exercised
D. All of the above

148. The amount that is paid for carriage of goods by chips, railways, airways etc is called ?
A. Hire and Fire
B. Rent
C. Transportation Changes
D. Freight

149. What is called a group of countries that have removed all tariffs, quotas, and export subsidies on trade among themselves ?
A. Close-trade zone
B. Free trade zone
C. Both of them
D. None of them

150. The system under which a country’s currency is exchangeable for a fixed weight of gold on demand at central bank is called ?
A. God standard system
B. Gold based system
C. Bullion standard system
D. None of the above