1151. Modern theory of international trade is based on views of :

A. Robins and Ricardo
B. Adam smith and Marshall
C. Heckscher and Ohlin
D. None of these *

1152. Devaluation of currency can help to increase exports if elasticity of demand of exportable items in others countries is :

A. Less than 1 *
B. Greater than 1
C. Equal to 1
D. Zero

1153. Which of the following is correct ?

A. Consumption is a function of income
B. Consumption is a function of saving
C. Pay is a component of utilization *
D. Income is a function of saving

1154. The capital output ratio of the commodity measures :

A. Its per unit cost of production
B. How much capital contributed per unit of result *
C. The ratio of output quantity to capital depreciation
D. The proportion of output to working capital used

1155. Banking retelling transportation are fall under :

A. Primary industry
B. Secondary industry
C. Tertiary industry *
D. Semi relating industry

1156. When did the Euro become a legal tender ?

A. 1st Dec 1999
B. 1st Jan 2000 *
C. 1st Jan 2001
D. 1st Jan 2002

1157. Stagflation implies a case of :

A. Galloping inflation
B. Recession plus inflation *
C. Adverse balance of trade
D. Rising wages and employment

1158. Which of the following would cause income to become more unequal:

A. Increased employment
B. Increased unemployment
C. More progressive taxes
D. More regressive taxes *

1159. At the point when total stock surpasses total interest :

A. Business inventory accumulated
B. Unemployment exist *
C. Price of consumers goods rise
D. People save more than they intend to save

1160. An economy is in-equilibrium when :

A. Planned consumption exceeds planned saving
B. Planned consumption exceeds planned investment
C. Intended investment equal intended saving *
D. Intended investment exceeds intended saving