311. Enacting legislation__________________?
A. is a slow and painful process
B. involves negotiation and compromise
C. sometimes pits the executive branch against the interests of the members of states and districts
D. all of the above

312. The third function of the legislative branch is________________?
A. oversight
B. ensuring that jobs are provided equally
C. provide an opposition party to the administration in office
D. none of the above

313. The political process_______________?
A. allows those representing minority views to try to become the majority
B. favors those representing majority views
C. allows those in positions of power to ignore the peoples wishes
D. none of the above

314. According to Marx which group constituted a ruling elite ?
A. The proletariat
B. The bourgeoisie
C. The workers for the owners of the means of production
D. The military

315. Judicial review by the Supreme Court is based on____________?
A. explicit statements in the Constitution
B. the Marbury v Madison decision
C. an act of Congress
D. the First Amendment to the Constitution

316. The writers of the Constitution intended the president to have________________?
A. strong personal power
B. weak personal power
C. no power at all
D. power only in declaring war

317. Constitutions are________________?
A. always written
B. intended to limit governmental power
C. meant to establish the rule of men
D. blueprints for monarchies

318. The Untied States Constitution provides for the________________?
A. doctrine of elitist pluralism
B. doctrine of executive privilege
C. principle of federalism
D. concept of polis

319. What were the goals of the Constitutional Convention ?
A. To preserve the status quo
B. To form a government that would serve the interests of all groups in the society
C. To insure the power of the small farmers
D. To diminish the power of a strong central government

320. How are presidential programs funded ?
A. By foreign nations
B. By government investments
C. By Congress
D. By withdrawals from the Treasury Department