281. Which resources are scarce in every society ?
A. Fertile land
B. Wheat and com
C. Food shelter and protective coverings
D. Sufficient males to mate with all the females

282. Each society must make the following decisions of an economic nature regarding the______________?
A. time place and quantity of production
B. assessment collection and counting of taxes
C. measurement of land water and minerals
D. production distribution and consumption of goods and services

283. Land labor capital and entrepreneurship are called__________________?
A. raw materials
B. impetus to upward mobility
C. factors of production
D. external devices

284. In most societies ownership of property takes one of three forms________________?
A. restricted guarded and private
B. esthetic visible tangible
C. communal private public
D. ambiguous hermetic contraceptive

285. Today’s Catholic Church is classified as a________________?
A. national state
B. nationless state
C. intergovernmental organization
D. nongovernmental organization

286. In regard to public and political opinion_________________?
A. they are the same
B. public opinion is limited to few issues
C. political opinion deals with all matters
D. political opinion is all opinions expressed on political issues

287. Interest groups may be defined as__________________?
A. groups of people interested in specific legislation
B. groups of people who want to enter politics
C. wealthy and civicminded people with excessive leisure time.
D. coalitions of individuals with similar attitudes and interests who attempt to influence public policy

288. The classic textbook model of democracy is referred to as the__________________?
A. Lockean model
B. referendum model
C. majoritarian model
D. Madisonian model

289. Which of the following groups has traditionally had the worst voting record in the United States ?
A. Urban and suburban residents
B. The young and underprivileged
C. College educated professionals
D. White collar workers

290. The chief function of interest group is to________________?
A. provide group representation above and beyond that provided by our elected officials in Congress
B. provide geographic representation
C. bring into the open obscure problems to be solved
D. choose candidates for political office