511. What percentage of the earth’s people live in low-income areas ?
A. 10%
B. 35%
C. 56%
D. 5%

512. What is the Phillips curve ?
A. a reference to a government economist favoring high taxes
B. a special kind of screw driver that reflects the functioning of the economy
C. a graphic representation of conflict between full employment and inflation
D. a deflationary curve

513. Which perspective looks at the world-wide context and emphasizes economic factors ?
A. Realism
B. Neo-realism
C. Globalism
D. Pluralism

514. Which of the following is NOT a predominant goal of American society ?
A. a desirable mix of windfall profits
B. a leisure-based society
C. spectacular growth
D. none of the above are dominant goals

515. NAFTA binds which three countries into a single commercial entity ?
A. Mexico Panama Costa Rica
B. United States Canada Puerto Rico
C. United States Canada Mexico
D. United States Cuba Mexico

516. What kind of a system is the economic institution ?
A. Cultural and social
B. Religious and educational
C. Semantic and semitic
D. Typically, American

517. A member of a Navajo tribe can graze his sheep on clan land but he cannot sell it Navajo land is what kind of property ?
A. Public
B. Private
C. Communal
D. Indian

518. The current transitional period in which there is uncertainty as to what will happen to political parties is termed ?
A. dealignment
B. realignment
C. alignment
D. retrenchment

519. What does one call property owned by the state in the name of the people ?
A. public
B. private
C. common law
D. communal

520. In industrial societies consumption ?
A. must always be limited
B. maintains and fuels demand
C. is not a factor
D. is viewed unfavorably