491. In an open or class society_________________?
A. status is always achieved
B. status is always ascribed
C. status is both achieved and ascribed
D. status has no importance

492. The economic participant who decides how to use the factors of production and for what purpose in called a________________?
A. firm
B. household
C. market
D. product

493. The research method in which the researcher controls one variable and observes and records the results is called_____________?
A. case study
B. observation
C. experiment
D. social research

494. Human beings are born into a social world that is_______________?
A. not of their own making
B. newly created in each generation
C. the result of cultural development over previous generation
D. totally beyond their control

495. Scientific conclusions are_________________?
A. relative to time and place of study and subject to revision
B. absolute truths for all times
C. universally accepted
D. personal opinions of important scholars

496. All systems of stratification display the following characteristics except_________________?
A. differentiation
B. segmentation
C. ranking
D. institutionalization

497. “The ability of one individual or group to control the actions of another individual or group without the latter’s consent” is a definition of____________?
A. coercion
B. violence
C. power
D. force

498. Social ranking is based on________________?
A. age
B. sex
C. wealth
D. all of the above

499. Social Darwinists believed that________________?
A. resources belong to all the people
B. only the strongest persons should control the resources of a society
C. the weak shall inherit the earth
D. natural selection was a hoax

500. The structural functionalist explanation of social stratification asserts that________________?
A. nature demands the existence of social classes
B. there is a limited number of skilled talented people thus they should be rewarded
C. resources are plentiful so there is enough for all
D. people were not meant to work

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