441. Institution are_________________?
A. unimportant
B. found among all animals
C. traditional habits centering around fundamental human needs
D. places like schools and banks

442. To say that American music is the best in the world is an example of__________________?
A. ethnocentrism
B. cultural relativity
C. the truth
D. a value

443. Which is an example of a subculture ?
A. American culture
B. teenage customs
C. French culture
D. Kiwi culture

444. Most animal behavior is determined by_________________?
A. symbolic interaction
B. a system of symbols
C. biology and instinct
D. animal culture

445. The most essential element of culture is______________?
A. cooperation
B. group activities
C. a warning system
D. language

446. The cognitive component of culture__________________?
A. includes knowledge beliefs and technology
B. is made up of rules for behavior
C. consists of values and morals
D. is part of material culture

447. “Personal space is defined differently in different societies Therefore we can say that_____________?
A. culture shapes both verbal and nonverbal behavior
B. personal space is controlled genetically
C. many people have no manners
D. nonverbal behavior is not part of culture

448. Humans depend on others for full development and generally live in groups They are________________?
A. cultural
B. social
C. intelligent
D. symbolic

449. Norms are essentially ?
A. what is right
B. what is most feared
C. rules for behavior
D. systems of rewards and punishment

450. Which of the following is an example of a culture trait ?
A. the family
B. marriage
C. wedding rings
D. Both rings and exchanging wedding vows