331. “Laissez-faire”______________?
A. is the rallying cry of the Women Liberation Movement?
B. was Karl Marx’s exhortation to the workers of the world
C. is the French expression Adam Smith used to mean that government should keep its hands off the economy?
D. is the economic theory introduced to the U.S by Keynes?

332. The chief reason that Congress is so ineffective is________________?
A. that the Constitution delegates it so little power
B. a result of the gradual emergence of the Supreme Court as a legislative body
C. the development of the power of state governments
D. the traditional organization of the legislative branch

333. Which is NOT a presidential role ?
A. Chief Justice
B. commander in chief of Armed Forces
C. chief diplomat
D. party leader

334. ideologies may be described as_______________?
A. simplified world views
B. complex explanations of the world
C. rejecting action
D. none of the above

335. The myth complex functions to_________________?
A. make people feel free
B. secure that will of the people
C. give legitimate authority to the government in power
D. fool the people some of the time

336. ideologies tend to arise during periods of_____________?
A. prosperity
B. crisis
C. natural disasters
D. conversations among intellectuals

337. In the United States a sense of national identity ?
A. never developed
B. was first based on a common ethnicity and language
C. was later reinforced by the notion of “specialness”
D. only B and C

338. Like Freud Erik Erikson maintains that_______________?
A. there are five psycho sexual stages
B. the personality is fixed by age five
C. psychoanalysis including dream analysis is the only way to overcome personality problems
D. none of the above

339. Traditional autocracy has been replaced by________________?
A. democracy
B. egalitarianism
C. authoritarian or totalitarian ideologies
D. tyranny

340. A totalitarian regime______________?
A. contains secret police
B. controls the mass media
C. exhibits a centralized control of the economy
D. all of the above

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