291. What function do politicians serve according to pluralists ?
A. Front men
B. Statesmen
C. Shills or decoys
D. Power and interest brokers

292. A modified version of elitist theory holds that_______________?
A. elite members identify with middle-class values
B. the masses can on occasion influence the elite
C. elites vary in their degree of openness
D. all of the above

293. Which of the following is NOT an interest group ?
A. The National Rifle Association
B. The American Association of Retired people
C. Lobbyists of America
D. The Southern Christian Leadership Conference

294. Effective social movement leadership requires_______________?
A. taking tactical advantage of trends and opportunities
B. marketing skills
C. procedures for succession
D. all of the above

295. In C.WrightMill,s view what group constitutes an elite ?
A. Church leaders and educators
B. The corporate rich only
C. High ranking military officers only
D. The military-industrial-governmental complex

296. The school of thought that considers power to be brokered by various interest groups is called______________?
A. pluralism
B. power elitism
C. absolute power
D. authoritarianism

297. The power elite are drawn from among the_______________?
A. military and business leaders
B. middle-class urban residents
C. union leaders
D. intellectuals

298. A pluralist in the U.S would maintain that___________________?
A. power is spread through multiple centers
B. policy reflects the wishes of a few elites
C. significant decisions are made by the upper classes
D. power is in the hands of a small homogeneous class of leaders

299. In the American political system_____________?
A. everyone participates in the political process
B. real equality for everyone is a fact
C. there is no ruling elite
D. members of Congress and their constituents generally do not know much about what the other thinks

300. The synthesis of the elitist and pluralist approaches realist democracy assumes that_____________?
A. voters do have a choice in elite competition
B. the elites have a consensus on basic democracy
C. new groups can become the new elite
D. all of the above

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