581. Objectivity means ?
A. precision
B. taking nothing for granted
C. eliminating bias
D. repeating observations

582. Once a social scientist has formulated the hypothesis what is the next step of the scientific method ?
A. Generalization
B. Developing a research design
C. Data analysis
D. Replication

583. The current trend in the social sciences is toward ?
A. statistical and quantitative ways of investigating human behavior
B. a totally value free approach
C. using the findings of the social sciences to reform society
D. using whatever technique seems best to fit

584. For the better part of recorded history knowledge about social relationships was principally based on ?
A. scientific investigation
B. speculation
C. inspiration
D. measurement

585. Which of the following is FALSE? Scientific observation ?
A. must proceed systematically
B. must occur under controlled conditions
C. yields valid date with classification organization or recording
D. is open to anyone who wants to pursue it

586. It is true that the differences among the social sciences ?
A. are differences of vantage point
B. are a matter of stress?
C. consist of the examination of various facets of a social universe
D. all of the above

587. In defining social sciences which of the following phrases is the most appropriate?
A. rules for behavior
B. social philosophy
C. systematic and methodical study
D. study of individual behavior

588. What was the third buffalo producing country ?
A. Nepal
B. Pakistan
C. India
D. China

589. Which condition is a major obstacle to economic development in the Middle East and Northern Africa ?
A. use of strip mining to obtain minerals
B. reliance on capitalist economic systems
C. lack of access to world markets
D. scarcity of water resources

590. Throughout the 1800’s Russia was interested in acquiring Turkey mainly because Russia wanted ?
A. to main peace in the Middle East
B. access to the Mediterranean Sea
C. to reestablish the Byzantine Empire
D. The rich farmland of the Anatolian Plateau