591. Which situation has contributed most recent Japanese economic growth ?
A. The Japanese government has place limits on Japanese exports
B. Japanese industries spend very little on the research and development of new products
C. The Japanese government and Japanese businesses have cooperated with each other
D. Japanese citizens save less of their incomes than the citizens of other industrialized nation do

592. In recent years, which factor has been major reason for the economic tensions between the United States and China ?
A. China’s trade deficit with the United States was very high
B. The United States refused to place quotas on Chinese goods
C. The United States imported more from China than it exported to China
D. China lowered tariffs on goods imported from the United States

593. Which factor best accounts for the existence of cash-crop production as a major form of agriculture i many central American nations today ?
A. demand of world markets for such crops
B. lack of modern agricultural technology
C. inadequate supply of water and other natural resources
D. peasant ownership of most farmlands

594. To maintain its economic position, Japan has often limited the number of cars or the quantity of farm products that the United States can sell in Japan Japan has imposed these limits to develop ?
A. an equality of trade position
B. a favorable balance of trade
C. a more open market
D. a belief system

595. Which country produced the second most rubber ?
A. India
B. Indonesia
C. Thailand
D. Malysia

596. What country had the largest area of forest ?
A. Canada
B. United States
C. Brazil
D. Russia

597. Which of the following countries is known as sugar bowl ?
B. Argentina
C. China
D. Cuba

598. Wheat being a plant of temperate zone grows well on plains away from sea and having moderately dry climate World’s maximum production of wheat is obtained from ?
A. Australia
B. China
C. Canada
D. Russia

599. Which is not a type of mushroom ?
A. Moral
B. Oyster
C. Bugouy
D. Cremini

600. Which of the following is not a Cash Crop ?
A. Cotton
B. Wheat
C. Sugarcane
D. None of them

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