351. Deviance contributes to social change in that________________?
A. today’s deviant is tomorrow’s leader
B. deviant acts invariably point to outdated rules
C. deviance is a fad
D. some actions initially defined as deviant eventually become generally accepted

352. An ideology is______________?
A. a set of ideas values and attitudes
B. a testable theory
C. always based on religion
D. none of the above

353. According to George H.Mead mind is________________?
A. the acting subject as opposed to “object ”
B. the source of experience
C. an emergent outcome of social acts
D. none of the above

354. According to Freud the crucial institution for the development of personality is______________?
A. religion
B. the family
C. the economy
D. education

355. Freud located the “libido” ?
A. within the ld
B. within family relations
C. in the genital stage
D. all of the above

356. Defense mechanisms function to________________?
A. protect the superego
B. deceive sexual targets
C. ward off sexual advances
D. deflect anxiety

357. The succession of stages in Jean Piaget,s model of cognitive development is_______________?
A. infancy childhood adolescence and adulthood
B. early childhood plays concrete operational and formal operational
C. sensimotor pre-operational intuitive operational and concrete operational
D. sensorimotor intuitive operational concrete operational and formal operational

358. Kohlberg,s three stages of moral development are_______________?
A. conventional post conventional and legal-rational
B. pre-conventional authoritarian and post-conventional
C. pre-conventional conventional and post-conventional
D. charismatic traditional and legal-rational

359. Recent research supports the notion that mother-infant bonding_______________?
A. has a cultural basis
B. has a biological basis
C. depends on how wanted the infant is
D. none of the above

360. The concept of deviance refers to________________?
A. going in the wrong direction
B. bad manners
C. departure from social norms
D. reversing one,s opinion