161. The branch of economics ‘Microeconomics’ deals with______________?
A. small units, including individual companies and small group of consumers
B. Economics of homes
C. Economics of stock market
D. Economics of provinces

162. Term the exclusive right of one or more persons to carry on some branch of trade of manufacture It is a sole power of dealing in something ?
A. Encroachment
B. Monotony
C. Unipolarity
D. Monopoly

163. What is mortgage______________?
A. Conveyance of property as security for debt
B. Conveyance of company security for debt
C. Guarantee for debt
D. Assurance of debt repayment

164. What is called the result of a state’s borrowing from its population, from foreign governments or from international institutions ?
A. National debt
B. Public debt
C. Both of them
D. None of them

165. What is called the amount of non-military foreign aid which a country received ?
A. Grands
B. Official Development Assistance (ODA)
C. Foreign aid
D. Friendly aid

166. Which term is used for the value imprinted on a security ?
A. Real value
B. Net value
C. Par value
D. Gross value

167. A number of relating prices of a group of commodities to their prices during an arbitrarily chosen based period is called ?
A. Price index
B. Price indexing
C. Price fixing
D. Price choosing

168. Which term is used for the period of competition in which each competitor tries to cut retail prices below the others ?
A. Price competition
B. Price support
C. Price war
D. Price battle

169. The term prospectus refers to______________?
A. Formal summary of proposed project
B. Document describing chief features of something for participants
C. Both of them
D. None of them

170. By the way of an underwriter, the sale of a new security is issued to the public a transaction that must be registered with the securities and exchange commission. How is know this process ?
A. Registering
B. Going public
C. Debuting
D. Public offering

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