431. The attitude of some Americans toward the minorities in their midst shows_______________?
A. culture shock
B. the importance of culture
C. cultural superiority
D. cultural relativity

432. If culture is comparable to a script for a play then______________?
A. individuals may be compared to playwrights
B. the economy may be compared to the director
C. society may be compared to a troupe of actors
D. social scientists may be compared to stage hands

433. The creation of culture unlike playwriting ?
A. is the work of generation?
B. is not always a deliberate act
C. never results in a final authorized script
D. all of the above

434. Language gestures and music are________________?
A. symbol systems
B. cultural traits
C. normative systems
D. human values

435. The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis ?
A. may well be unintelligible as translated in some languages
B. is the product of a distinct world view?
C. emphasizes the difficulty of understanding another culture as its participants understand it
D. all of the above

436. Violation of a folkway is considered ?
A. a violation striking to the very heart of society
B. a legally punishable offense
C. a slight to one,s group but not a punishable offense
D. an incident of no consequence whatsoever

437. Official sanctions usually entail________________?
A. public recognition
B. the threat of force
C. a transgression of the law
D. all of the above

438. The five pivotal institutions are__________________?
A. the economy medicine family religion and education
B. the military religion government family and education
C. the family the economy government the military and education
D. the economy government religion family and education

439. People often accept social control based on________________?
A. positive sanctions
B. negative sanctions
C. harsh rules
D. violence

440. Americans proclaim the need for honesty but cheat on their tax returns This situation indicates that_____________?
A. the overt culture is consistent
B. Americans often follow a covert culture in actual behavior
C. there is no covert culture in the United States
D. people are only human