321. The United States government includes the following traits____________?
A. federalism
B. a subordinate judiciary
C. unlimited power
D. appointed representatives

322. The federal government has increased its responsibilities at the local level because_____________?
A. the states inefficiency
B. the tenth amendment
C. urban influence on the states
D. excess state revenues

323. The presidents most important role is as_______________?
A. administrator
B. foreign policy maker
C. legislator
D. ceremonial representative of the U.S

324. The term “constitutional” is reserved to describe________________?
A. a government that acts arbitrarily
B. a government that operates in accordance with general rules and limitations
C. an agreement or treaty in written form
D. a government that is no subject to restraints on political power

325. The dialectic is based on_____________?
A. two extreme positions giving rise to a middle position
B. polarization forcing societies to split up
C. conflicts between rich and poor countries
D. imperialism being destroyed by capitalism

326. Democracy is based on_______________?
A. the value of the individual
B. rule by the elite
C. leadership of a charismatic leader
D. ideal hopes for a future society

327. The fundamental assumption of democratic socialism is that_______________?
A. participation in political decision making should be extended to religious leaders
B. the Socialist party must be in command of the economy
C. participation in political decision making should be extended to economic decision making
D. it is not necessary for everyone in a society to work

328. Democratic capitalism means that________________?
A. all property belongs to the government
B. the economy is regulated through legislation and taxation
C. losers totally destroyed
D. the individual is free to do anything as long as he/she has money

329. Why is the private ownership of property deemed beneficial ?
A. It is the American way
B. Greed makes the world go around
C. keeping up with the Joneses leads to success
D. None of the above

330. Contrary to Karl Marx,s expectations communist revolutions occurred in_______________?
A. agricultural nations like Cuba
B. less economically developed nations like Russia
C. Asian nations lacking well-developed industrial sectors like China
D. all of the above

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