1131. Function of air vessel provided in a reciprocating pump is to :

A. Reduce discharge fluctuation *
B. Reduce the danger of cavitation
C. Avoid the necessity of priming
D. Increase the pump efficiency

1132. Head developed by a centrifugal pump depends on its :

A. Speed
B. Impeller diameter
C. Both A and B *
D. Neither A and B

1133. The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies :

A. As velocity
B. As (Velocity)2 *
C. Inversely as the square of diameter
D. Inversely as the velocity

1134. With increase in pump speed, its NPSH requirement :

A. Decreases
B. Increases *
C. Remains unaltered
D. Can either increase or decrease depends on others factors

1135. One dimensional flow implies :

A. Flow in a straight line
B. Steady uniform flow
C. Unsteady uniform flow
D. A flow which doesn’t not account for changes in transverse direction *

1136. Incase of centrifugal fan or blower , the gas capacity varies as :

A. Speed *
B. (Speed)2
C. (Speed)3
D. None of the above

1137. The continuity equation :

A. Relates mass stream rate along a stream tube *
B. Relates work and energy
C. Specifies that newton’s second law of movement should be fulfilled at each point in the liquid
D. None of these

1138. For a specific centrifugal air blower operating at constant speed and capacity , the power requirement and pressure vary :

A. Directly as square of gas density
B. Directly as gas density *
C. Directly as squared root of gas density
D. Inversely as gas density

1139. Foot valves are provided in the suction line of a centrifugal pump to :

A. Try not to prime each time we start the siphon *
B. Eliminate the toxin present in the fluid
C. Minimize the fluctuation in discharge
D. Control the liquid discharge

1140. Differential manometer measures :

A. Atmospheric pressure
B. Sub-atmospheric pressure
C. Pressure difference between two points *
D. None of these