161. Assuming applicability of ideal gas law, the pure component volume of the vapor in a saturated gas can be calculated from theoretical relationship. The volumetric composition of a vapor saturated gas is independent of the___________________?
A. Nature of the liquid
B. Nature of the gas
C. Temperature of the liquid
D. Total pressure

162. If a solution of eutectic composition is cooled, _______________ reaching the eutectic temperature ?
A. The solvent begins to freeze out even before
B. It will undergo no change until
C. It will not solidify even on
D. None of these

163. The atomic weight of helium is 4 times that of hydrogen. Its diffusion rate as compared to hydrogen will be _____________ times?
A. 1/2
B. 4
C. √2
D. 1/4

164. The molar composition of a gas is 10% H2, 10% O2, 30% CO2 and balance H2O. If 50% H2O condenses, the final mole percent of H2 in the gas on a dry basis will be_______________?
A. 10%
B. 5%
C. 18.18%
D. 20%

165. _________________ chart is a graph related to Antoine equation ?
A. Ostwald
B. Cox
C. Mollier’s
D. Enthalpy-concentration

166. The viscosity of water at room temperature may be around one ___________________?
A. Centipoise
B. Poise
C. Stoke
D. Both B. & C.

167. 80 kg of Na2SO4 (molecular weight = 142) is present in 330 kg of an aqueous solution. The solution is cooled such that. 80 kg of Na2SO4 .10H2O crystals separate out. The weight fraction of Na2SO4 in the remaining solution is_________________?
A. 0.00
B. 0.18
C. 0.24
D. 1.00

168. Clausius Clapeyron equation applies to the _____________ process?
A. Sublimation
B. Melting
C. Vaporisation
D. All A., B. & C.

169. Air at a temperature of 20°C and 750 mm Hg pressure has a relative humidity of 80%. What is its percentage humidity? Vapour pressure of water at 20°C is 17.5 mm Hg?
A. 80.38
B. 80
C. 79.62
D. 78.51

170. The density of a gas ‘X’ is twice that of another gas ‘Y’. If the molecular weight of gas ‘Y’ is ‘M’; then the molecular weight of the gas ‘X’ will be________________?
A. 2M
B. M/2
C. M
D. M/4