151. Atmospheric pressure corresponds to a hydrostatic head of_________________?
A. 13.6 cms of Hg
B. 34 ft ofH2O
C. 1 metre of H2O
D. 13.6 metres of Hg

152. On mixing 56 gm of CaO with 63 gm of HNO3, the amount of Ca(NO3)2 formed is ______________ gm?
A. 82
B. 164
C. 41
D. 8.2

153. At a temperature of 0°K, the molecules of a gas have only _______________ energy?
A. Rotational
B. Vibrational
C. Translational
D. None of these

154. Na2SO4. 10H2O crystals are formed by cooling 100 Kg of 30% by weight aqueous solution of Na2SO4. The final concentration of the solute in the solution is 10%. The weight of crystals is________________?
A. 20
B. 32.2
C. 45.35
D. 58.65

155. The molecules of a liquid which is in equilibrium with its vapor at its boiling point on an average have equal _____________ in the two phases?
A. Potential energy
B. Intermolecular forces
C. Kinetic energy
D. Total energy

156. A butane isomerisation process produces 70 k.mole/hr of pure iso-butane. A purge stream removed continuously, contains 85% n-butane and 15% impurity (mole%). The feed stream is n-butane containing 1% impurity (mole%). The flow rate of the purge stream will be_________________?
A. 3 kmole/hr
B. 4 kmole/hr
C. 5 kmole/hr
D. 6 kmole/hr

157. Pick out the wrong statement ?
A. Lug supports are less expensive than other type of supports
B. A pipe is differentiated from a tube by the fact that a pipe has a greater wall thickness
compared to the tube
C. A reducer is used to change the direction of a pipe in a straight run
D. The method of fixing tubes to a tube sheet by expanding is called ‘tube rolling’

158. Baffles are provided in heat exchangers to____________?
A. Remove dirt
B. Increase heat transfer rate
C. Reduce vibrations
D. Reduce heat transfer rate

159. Maximum heat transfer rate can be expected in case of_________?
A. Laminar flow
B. Co-current flow
C. Turbulent flow
D. Heat flow rate is independent of nature of flow

160. The most blister form of copper is__________?
A. refined copper
B. impure copper
C. processed copper
D. none of these